Hazardous & Liquid Waste

The environment is important to us and we know it is to you too. That’s why Cumbria Waste Group offers a safe, effective and compliant service for the collection, treatment and disposal of hazardous & liquid waste.

Hazardous waste is waste material that is dangerous or potentially harmful to our public health or the environment.

Examples of hazardous waste include liquids, solids, gases, aerosols. chemicals, sludge and other industrial by-products.

If you produce hazardous waste choose a company that has extensive experince in handling the waste. You also need to ensure you are provided with a full audit trail so you know you are complying with all relevant legislation and regulations.

Our service fits around the specific needs of your business.

Please visit our hazardous waste collection and treatment and liquid waste collection and treatment service pages to find out more.

If would like to find out more about our hazardous and liquid waste service please call or email for your free, no-obligation waste audit and quotation.