About Us

Cumbria Waste Group (CWG) is the largest waste management in Cumbria.

We provide bespoke waste management and recycling solutions for a range of customers. These include businesses, local authorities and the general public.

Employing 250 staff at 20 locations across Cumbria, including Carlisle, Penrith, Workington, Kendal and the Lake District, our customer base also reaches from the Scottish Borders, across to Northumberland and down to Lancashire.

We operate four materials recycling facilities, a liquid waste treatment plant, two landfill sites and a hazardous waste transfer station. In addition, we have aggregates recycling, green waste composting, wood recycling, inert soils and sub-soils operations.

We are also responsible for running, under contract with Renewi, 14 Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) across Cumbria. We hold the Environmental Standard ISO14001 accreditation.

We also helped to create, and still support, the Cumbria Waste Management Environment Trust, which provides funding – generated through Landfill Tax Credits, for local community projects.

Cumbria Waste Group is comprised of Cumbria Waste Management, Cumbria Waste Recycling, Lakeland Waste Management and Lakeland Minerals. The group is ultimately owned by Cumbria County Council, but run by an independent board of Directors.

CWG is part of Cumbria County Holdings Group, which also owns Orian Solutions, a market leading catering, cleaning and facilities management company serving the North of England.