Young entrepreneurs

March 10th, 2018

Budding young entrepreneurs at a village school are receiving mentoring support from Cumbria Waste Group.

We are working in partnership with Great Corby School to set up a mini-business.

It is part of the Bright Stars 2018 competition, which is aimed at engaging primary school children across Cumbria with leadership and entrepreneurship at a very young age.

Twenty three schools are competing in the competition, with each being sponsored/mentored by a local business.

Having been partnered with CWG, the children were given £50 with a simple instruction: to make it grow to the highest amount possible through investment and creativity over the course of eight weeks by setting up a business.

They decided to establish a business making chocolates which could be sold to coincide with Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. This led to the setting up of Corby’s Chocolate Champions, with the children having to apply for different jobs within the company, including marketing, sales, finance and health and safety.

CWG’s support has so far included helping the children draw up job descriptions for each role and devising application forms. The company is also arranging for the children to visit its flagship Hespin Wood site, near Carlisle, to see how items are recycled.

Teacher Tracey Billington said: The children have really embraced the idea of running their own business and have been very professional throughout the whole process, They are looking forward showing their mums the chocolates they have made for Mother’s Day.”

Linda Macilwraith, Cumbria Waste Group Employee Engagement Advisor, said: “It’s fantastic to see how the children have embraced the competition and are working hard to make their business a success.

“This is the second year we have mentored a school in the competition and in 2017 he school we supported, Houghton Church of England School, was one of the five eventual winners, so we are hoping for similar success for Great Corby.

“As one of Cumbria’s biggest employers, we are already looking for our employees of the future, so initiatives like this which give children an insight into the world of business at an early age, can only be good for us and other local businesses in the future.”

The Bright Stars competition is run by Cumbrian-based Centre for Leadership Performance, a not-for-profit company working to develop Cumbria’s leaders. Information about this year’s competition can be viewed via this website.