Women’s Institute

November 16th, 2017

Cumbria Waste Group was recently delighted to be invited to give a presentation to the ladies of the Plumbland Women’s Institute.

One of our sales representatives, Richard Mackay, spoke about our  work and how we strive to ensure as much waste is either recycled or recovered.

Richard’s presentation included showing an infographic video we had produced for the University of Cumbria which underlines the importance of putting the correct materials in the correct containers to ensure the quality of the recyclables. The video also shows the process of how a plastic bottle is recycled back into a plastic bottle.

Richard said: “The ladies we were very interested in the presentation and asked lots of questions, which was great.

“These questions included why there are so many different ways of collecting recyclable materials in the county and why is the carbon footprint involved in moving waste so high.

“I was able to let them know that as Cumbria’s largest provider of waste and recycling services, we have a network of processing facilities which means we can keep our carbon footprint lower than national providers who work in the county and that we strive constantly to look at new ways of recycling or recovering the waste people produced, with landfill always being the final disposal option.

“The feedback we received to the presentation was excellent and we are now hoping to do more to other WI groups in the county, but also any other groups who show an interest.”