Wood Recycling

Cumbria Waste Group provides a wood recycling service for customers who produce large amounts of wood waste.

We do this in partnership with A.W. Jenkinson Woodwaste Limited, who operate a wood waste recycling facility at our Hespin Wood waste management park in Carlisle.

The site processes household and commercial  wood waste, to produce recycled wood fibre for use in panelboard mills and as an effective biomass fuel for power generation.

The products we recycle are:

  • Demolition timber
  • Packaging timber (Pallets & Crates)
  • Reclaimed timber
  • Waste timber from the building industry
  • Skips & site clearance

The wood products are processed by utilising slow and high speed shredders, Eddy Current Separators and various screening technologies to achieve the processed material.

The products we produce are:

  • A-grade Biomass
  • Timber chip for board manufacturers
  • Low-grade biomass
  • Racehorse gallop surface
  • Equine arena surface
  • Cattle & sheep bedding
  • Woodland walkway surface
  • Dairy cubical bedding

If would like to find out more about our wood recycling service please call or email for your free, no-obligation waste audit and quotation.