Closed Landfill Site Management

One of the waste services we provide at Cumbria Waste Group is closed landfill site management.

This is important because as waste breaks down it produces methane gas and leachate. If we don’t manage this correctly it can cause an environmental hazard.

Site levels also settle as waste breaks down, so we need to monitor and maintain them.

We provide closed landfill site management at our own sites, but also on behalf of other clients across Cumbria.

We devise working plans for each site. In addition, we monitor ground, surface water and gas and send monthly and annual reports to the Environment Agency and our customers.  The Environment Agency carries out twice monthly inspections.

We also:

  • Sink boreholes on and off site to monitor leachate and methane gas
  • Collect water run-off from the sites and use it to irrigate nearby land, which reduces the amount of leachate
  • Collect methane gas from site wells and burn it in controlled gas flare stacks
  • Import good quality soil to seal the sites, which prevents methane from escaping, maintains the site levels and helps keep water out
  • Sow grass seed to provide good grazing and treat any leachate irrigated onto the sites.

We also carry out restoration of closed landfill sites. This can entail planting trees, wildflower meadows and creating wetland habitats, all of which have long-term environmental benefit.

If would like to find out more about our closed landfill site management service please call or email for your free, no-obligation waste audit and quotation.