To the rescue

August 16th, 2017

Cumbria Waste Group came to the rescue after a wedding dress and suit worn by Carmen and Ray Sayle on their big day were accidently thrown away.

For 30 years, the wedding dress and suit have sat tucked away in the loft of their home in Barrow.

But recently, the couple have been ‘de-cluttering’ the loft, which has meant many trips to their local household waste recycling centre, which is managed by Cumbria Waste Group.

Ray came across a bag containing what he thought were dust sheets, so he took them for recycling.

It was only after, when Carmen asked where the red bag containing the wedding dress and suit was, that it dawned on him that he had thrown it away.

Carmen, understandably keen to be reunited with something which holds so much sentimental value, rang the Barrow HWRC, but unfortunately it had closed for the day. However, she spoke to a member of staff and they told her to come back the next day and they would locate it for her.

She arrived early the next day and true to their work, staff had located the bag that had been put in the textiles recycling bank, and Carmen and Ray have now been reunited with the dress and suit.

Carmen says: “I was horrified when I realised the dress and suit had been accidentally thrown away. They may have sat in the loft for 30 years but the hold great sentimental value.

“The staff at the depot were really understanding and retrieved it at the first opportunity and let me know as promised. The service was excellent and we are both so grateful.”

Carmen says the dress and suit are now back in the loft, but this time in a plastic box so they can see exactly what’s in the box when they next have clear-out.

Mike Bareham, Managing Director of Cumbria Waste Group, said: “There are all sorts of weird and wonderful things thrown away accidentally at our sites, but a wedding dress and suit is something new.

“We are glad to have been able to reunite Carmen and Ray with something so precious. We pride ourselves on our customer service and this is a perfect example.”