Skip ahoy

September 27th, 2017

Skip ahoy – it is not uncommon to see skips belonging to Cumbria Waste Group across the county, but they are now also being located at sea!

We are supplying skips that are being used on a barge supporting the work West Cumbria Mining Ltd is doing to open a new underground mine off the coast of West Cumbria.

The company aims to open the mine to extract metallurgical coal which is used in the manufacture of primary and recycled steel. 2017 has seen the final phase of exploration drilling, on a drill rig situated off St Bees Head, ahead of development of their proposed Woodhouse Colliery.

A team of geologists, drillers and engineers lives aboard a barge to support the operation and service of the barge is provided by a large tug boat stationed in Whitehaven Marina.

Waste management is extremely important at sea with stringent regulations. Two main waste streams emanate from the project, used muds from the drilling process and general domestic waste.

Cumbria Waste Group has provided skips to handle both streams and these are swapped in and out on a weekly basis. We are also assisting with the specialist disposal of oils, lubricants and paints from the jack-up barge.