Sand and Gravel

Lakeland MineralsLakeland Minerals (part of the Cumbria Waste Group) operates a sand and gravel quarry near Carlisle.


At the quarry, we produce a range of sand which is ideal for use in a variety of industries, including farming, sports and construction.

Our expert team use a screening process to grade the extracted sand. Each grade of sand is suitable for different purposes making it ideal for livestock bedding, drainage sand and also maintaining sports pitches.


The gravel we produce is graded and separated from the quarried sand during the extraction process and it can be provided in a variety of different sizes.

It has a number of uses, including road construction, water and effluent filtration and pipe bedding. It can also be used for decorative purposes on landscaping projects in both domestic and commercial capacities.

Both the sand and gravel can be collected directly from the quarry or we can deliver it to you.

To buy our sand and gravel, or to find out more information, please contact us today.

*Please note that all our sands, soils, Rootzones and gravels are natural products, therefore they are subject to variation in colour and appearance. The pictures below are for illustration purposes only.

Concrete Sand

Concrete sand, or sharp sand, is washed, coarser graded sand and is ideal for making concrete mixes and as a bedding sand for concrete paving.

Building Sand

Building sand is a finer grade, soft sand ideal for producing mortar for bricklaying. It can also be used as blinding sand or medium cable sand.

Rendering Sand

Rendering sand, also known as plastering sand, is a medium fine grade, multi-purpose sand. Typical uses include asphalt, tile production and textured wall finishes.

Eden Sports Sand

A washed, graded, fine sand, this is ideal as a top dressing to maintain sports pitches.

Eden Agricultural Sand

An inorganic, soft bedding sand offering dry, uniform comfort and cleanliness for all livestock. Ideally suited for use as bovine bedding.


Rootzone is ideal as a growing medium for sports pitches, enabling water to drain more evenly and freely and helping root growth. Different blends of Rootzone are available.

As Dug Sand

Direct from the quarry face, this is a relatively inexpensive fill sand used in trenches and cable or drainage ducts.


Used either as an all-in graded material for concrete manufacture, or washed and screened to produce an attractive decorative product, rounded pipe bedding or drainage stone. It is available in 10mm, 20mm and 40mm single sizes.