Percy Kelly inspired art project at Ewanrigg School

September 17th, 2018

Cumbria Waste Group recently played a key part in a project at Ewanrigg Primary School Maryport. The project was run by artist, Patricia Parker. Alongside a small group of pupils and parents from the Family Learning Group, the group were tasked with brightening up the outdoor space at the school by creating an exciting piece of art to go on the wall.

Percy Kelly, a local artist born in Workington in 1918, was the chosen artist for inspiration. As well as following in the footsteps of an important local artist, the school also wanted to raise awareness on environmental issues therefore decided to use plastic bottles tops to design the feature.

The group came together for over 2 hours every Friday afternoon  for 14 weeks to get the artwork completed. The project seen over 4000 bottle tops used, most of which were provided by Cumbria Waste and the remaining were collected by pupils and staff. Each individual bottle top had to be sorted into colour groups before being glued and screwed to the 8×4 wooden boards.  Patricia Parker said, “It was my first project of this type, so it was a learning curve for me and everyone involved. We all problem solved together.”

Once the project was completed, an revealing ceremony was organised to unveil the finished article.