Our 2020 Bright Stars Experience

November 9th, 2020

In November 2019, Cumbria Waste Group partnered with Walton & Lees Hill Primary School as part of the Centre for Leadership’s Bright Starts business enterprise competition. We have proudly participated in the initiative for the past 3 years, collaborating with a different Cumbrian School to create a successful mini business. Each year, we have been left inspired and in awe of the bright young business minds of the future and this year’s competition was no different!

CWG’s Employee Experience Advisor, Heather Grisedale, met with the School’s Headteacher Fiona Stobbart, class teachers and, of course, the School’s 23 pupils to settle on a business idea, the name of the business and allocation of roles to various teams. This ensured the business grew week-on-week, using each child’s unique talents and skills. Some pupils were given the task of ensuring all aspects of health and safety were considered and precautions put in place to avoid any accidents. Others took care of the business’ finances, settling on prices for items and keeping track of the all-important profit! Various business names were put forward and the group decided n ‘The 3 P’s’, standing for Pizza, Poms Poms and Pasta. The pupils were eager to make and sell crafty items as well as their favourite foods and who doesn’t love this combination?! The 3P’s quickly got busy making crafty items from various materials available to them and cooking up a storm in the School kitchen. Items were sold at a Craft Fair and Pizza and Pasta themed night, both held at the School and attended by parents, staff and members of the local community.

Another aspect of the Bright Stars journey that the pupils played an important part in choosing was the School’s chosen charity who would receive half of all profits raised by the 3 P’s after 8 weeks’ trading. Hospice at Home is close to many of the parents’ and pupils’ hearts and everyone felt incredibly passionate about raising as much as possible for this great cause. At the close of trading in March 2020, the 3 P’s had raised an incredible £1193.16, the other half of which went towards vital school funds. We all had an incredible time working together and Heather was so impressed by the children’s enthusiasm, kindness and business intuition. Of the ten prizes also available to the entering businesses, the School won ‘Best Customer Service’ and received a beautiful trophy to display in Reception. A very deserved reminder of the combined efforts this year’s Bright Stars have made! A virtual celebration event is to take place in November 2020 and this fantastic video has been created by the School in preparation to share. We hope you enjoy watching the highlights of our Bright Stars experience.