Grants totalling £418,450 awarded

October 17th, 2017

A total of 23 environmental and community projects across Cumbria have benefited from grants totalling £418,450 over the last year.

Projects included improvements to tennis courts, new cricket practice nets, new children’s play areas, village hall improvements and upgrading public rights of way and pathways.

The grants were approved by Cumbria Waste Management Environment Trust (CWMET), a charity and environmental body which distributes funds generated through the landfill operations of Cumbria Waste Group.

The projects which received grants are all within a 10-mile radius of Cumbria Waste Group’s two landfill sites – Hespin Wood, near Carlisle, and Flusco, near Penrith.

Examples include:

• Carlisle Cricket Club Practice Nets – the club was awarded £20,000 towards the £46,000 costs of providing new practice nets aimed at improving the competition level of the senior and junior teams.

• Ullswater Way Heritage Trail – a community-led project was awarded £8,600 towards the £20,200 costs of creating a footpath that goes around Lake Ullswater.

• Bitts Park Inclusive Play – the park was awarded £30,000 to buy play equipment towards the £200,000 costs of creating a new area damaged by flooding.

• Watchtree Composting Toilets – the Watchtree Nature Reserve was given £18,000 to put towards the purchase of eco-friendly, waterless composting toilets.

• Scaws Multi-Use Games Area – residents from the Scaws estate in Penrith received £15,000 towards the cost of creating a new play area for the community.

Mike Bareham, Managing Director of Cumbria Waste Group, said: “It is pleasing to see so many great environmental and community projects benefiting from money which comes from our landfill operations.

“We continue to be proud to have been able to provide financial support that is making such a difference in our local communities.”

If you are part of a group seeking funding, and if it meets the criteria, applications are now being accepted for 2017/18. For more information visit or telephone 01228 822106.

Landfill Tax is charged on each tonne of waste sent to landfill. Money for the grants is generated through the Landfill Communities Fund which enables the operators of landfill sites to work with environmental bodies on projects that create significant environmental benefits, jobs and which improve the lives of communities living near landfill sites.