Funding of almost £200,000 granted to local communities

March 1st, 2019

Employing a wildlife officer to look after breeding birds, refurbishing a well-used church hall and creating new children’s play areas are just a few of the projects which have benefited from funding of almost £200,000.

Each year, Cumbria Waste Management Environment Trust (CWMET), an independent charity and environmental body, distributes funds generated through the landfill operations of Cumbria Waste Group.

The projects which received grants totalling £199,515.00 in 2017/18 are all within a 10-mile radius of Cumbria Waste Group’s two fee paying landfill sites – Hespin Wood, near Carlisle, and Flusco, near Penrith – and examples included:

  • Rockcliffe Marsh Nature Reserve, Carlisle – A grant of £13,700 was provided to Cumbria Wildlife Trust to enable a project officer to be employed during the 16-week breeding season of the various bird populations that are attracted to the site. This included installing electric fences, cages, shelters and remote cameras to protect nests.
  • St Luke’s Church Hall, Morton, Carlisle – The Church received £15,000 towards the cost of installing new double-glazed windows and doors and a new kitchen.
  • Clark’s Field Play Area, Carlisle – A grant of £20,000 enabled a modern, safe play area to be built for local children.
  • Calthwaite Play Area, near Penrith – A grant of £10,000 was provided to enable a new play area to be built in the village for toddlers through to children aged 12.
  • Parkin Memorial Hall, Pooley Bridge, near Penrith – A grant of £10,500 provided the bulk of the funding to enable 18 old windows to be replaced.
  • Ullswater Way Heritage Trail – The Friends of Ullswater Way and Barton Parish Council were given a grant of £1,850 to put towards art creations around a new footpath (which also received CWMET funding). In this case the money was used for a decorative bench where walkers can sit and admire the view whilst on the trail.

Since it was set up in 1999, CWMET has awarded grants of £8.245 million. Prior to 1999, Cumbria Waste Group awarded £1.5 million, so in total just over £9.74 million has been given to community and environmental groups.

Ian Wood, Chief Executive of Cumbria Waste Group, said: “We are pleased that through our operations, we have been able to help so many great community projects.

“2018 was Cumbria Waste Group’s 25th anniversary year, so to be associated with a scheme which has allocated grants of almost £10 million since our inception is something we are very proud of.”

If you are part of a group seeking funding, and if it meets the criteria, applications are being accepted, For more information visit or telephone 01228 822106.

Landfill Tax is charged on each tonne of waste sent to landfill. Money for the grants is generated through the Landfill Communities Fund which enables the operators of landfill sites to work with environmental bodies on projects that create significant environmental benefits, jobs and which improve the lives of communities living near landfill sites.