A fairy tale ending

December 14th, 2017

Thanks to the power of social media, Cumbria Waste Group was able to provide a fairy tale ending for a little girl who thought the Tooth Fairy had forgotten her.

Eight-year-old Alisha Irwin was upset when the Tooth Fairy didn’t come to collect her tooth.

So, the resourceful youngster drew a picture and wrote a letter which she put into an envelope she found in her house. In the letter, Alisha explains to the Tooth Fairy that it was ok that she didn’t come to her home because she had been poorly (Tooth Fairies do get ill like everyone else remember”) and that she still loved her.

Alisha then posted the letter, minus a stamp, all without her mum and dad knowing a thing.

However, the envelope she used turned out to be one Cumbria Waste Group had send to her mum and dad, who had applied for a skip permit. As our return address was on the top of the envelope, Royal Mail sent it to our Kingmoor office.

We were so touched by the letter, we immediately set out to find Alisha. There was no address, other than the name of the road, on the letter and despite our best efforts to find it via our database, we had no luck.

We then put the following out on the Spotted in Carlisle Facebook page:

Official statement from the Department of Teeth:

Message from The Tooth Fairy to ‘Alisha’ on Brisco Road.

She finally got your letter and lovely picture you drew (Royal Mail sent it elsewhere by mistake).

The Tooth Fairy said: “Thank Alisha for her kind words about the night I couldn’t come and yes as she said I was poorly but all better now! I’ll be telling Santa what a kind and good girl she is!”

If you know Alisha please pass this on from ‘The Tooth Fairy’.

Thanks to the wonder of social media, word got around and we found Alisha’s mum, Cheryl, who was delighted with the message we had left.

We then contacted her privately and sent Alisha some gold fairy wings to make up for The Tooth Fairy not visiting. Cheryl says Alisha was delighted with her present from The Tooth Fairy.