Top recycling tips for Christmas

December 13th, 2018

To help you continue to recycle effectively over the festivities, here are some tips for households and businesses to ensure you are still getting the most out of your recycling services:

  1. Wrapping paper – Does it pass the scrunch test? If you scrunch wrapping paper into a ball and it holds the shape then it is recyclable. If you scrunch and it unfolds then it isn’t recyclable and needs to go in with the general waste. Some papers are lined with a plastic coating that makes them non-recyclable.
  2. Christmas cards – Have they been decorated with glitter or embellishments such as ribbons? If the answer to these questions is yes, then these must be removed before putting into the recycling.
  3. Packaging – Many gifts and deliveries come in boxes that may also include polystyrene. Laminated cardboard is classed as ‘contamination’ in the world of recycling and should be put amongst the general waste. If you are not sure if a box is laminated, carry out the rip test. Does it rip? Yes, then it’s recyclable. If no, then it’s not. Polystyrene is also not recyclable and should go in the general waste bin.
  4. Sticky tape – as we wrap presents and unwrap them again, we are likely to use endless amounts of sticky tape. Where possible, it is important to remove as much as possible before putting cardboard and paper into the recycling. Again, sticky tape is classed as contamination.
  5. Christmas trees – Take the time to research whether there are local charities or organisations carrying out Christmas Tree collections in your area. For a small donation, your tree is taken away and disposed of correctly.

Over recent years recycling has increased dramatically and it is predicted that this positive movement will continue as people become more aware of the affect waste and disposal has on our planet.