Dunmail Park


Dunmail Park is a shopping complex in Workington run by J Dixon and Son Ltd. When it opened it was the region’s first indoor and out-of-town shopping centre. The centre is home to various stores including an Asda supermarket, Top Shop, Wallis and a Dixons Home store. It also has a Subway, car show room, petrol station and a six-screen multiplex cinema, and it benefits from over 500 free car parking spaces.


Cumbria Waste Group started providing waste and recycling services to Dunmail Park in January 2012. J Dixon and Son Ltd were keen to recycle as much waste as possible from a site where there is very high footfall and which, consequently, means there is a lot of waste generated.

We provided wheelie bins for general waste and established a bring site where people can recycle cans, glass bottles, cardboard, paper and plastic bottles in clearly marked containers. There are also several skips on site, including one for furniture. A static compacter helps reduce the size of cardboard so the material is easier to handle.

In January 2017, and as part of our ongoing review of the service, we introduced another compactor for plastic wrap. This ensures the wrap is kept separate from other material and means it is clean and free from other waste.

All the waste generated at Dunmail Park is collected weekly and taken to our facilities for processing. On behalf of Dunmail Park we recycle around 50 tonnes of waste per year.


We have always found the Cumbria Waste Group team we deal with on a regular basis to be helpful and solution driven. More importantly when a problem has occurred for whatever reason it is always resolved to our satisfaction.

To that end Cumbria Waste Group is now the primary waste contractor for J Dixon and Son Ltd and deal with all our general waste, recycling and specialist waste removal.

Gordon Osbaldestin, Surveyor